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Cole Lanham founded ZEB Metals in 2021 after recognizing the need for processing old coal railcars. Cole would cut down the cars to sell the aluminum and steel scrap. As the price of coal started to rise, the number of railcars to be scrapped deteriorated. In 2022, Cole brought on Ryan Neel to help transition ZEB Metals into a full-service scrap recycling and trading company.

ZEB Metals has the capabilities to process scrap by shredding, shearing, screening & sorting materials. Our trading business buys and sells primary/secondary aluminum, billets, foundry ingots, RSI and off-grade sows.

Our Mission

Our goal is to ensure that all products and services rendered by the company are of the required quality and comply or exceed the customer’s requirements.  It is our goal to reuse products and recycle materials in a manner that protects the environment and the health of our team members, and to consistently deliver a quality product.